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My Skin Care Routine

AM Products

I alternate products regularly based on my current skin care concerns, but here is just a glimpse of some of the items I use on a normal basis. I definitely feel that I practice what I preach! I do not expect every client to jump into using 10 products a day though. I will recommend home care routines based on your individual needs and wants.

PCA BPO 5% Cleanser
BPO Cleanser is a gentle and effective cleanser formulated with 5% liquid benzoyl peroxide to provide antibacterial action. Its host of extracts provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hydrating action, leaving acneic and breakout-prone skin clear and calm. I use two PCA cleansers – one I leave in the shower and one I use when I wash my face at the sink. I use the BPO Cleanser to help with breakouts, but it is too strong for me to use at every cleansing. Alternating cleansers is a great approach to treating skin with multiple concerns. BPO Cleanser is the best smelling benzoyl peroxide product I have used. It is a soothing, creamy cleanser that lathers well and rinses completely with no residual feeling.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum
Phloretin CF is a vitamin C serum that protects against not only free radicals, but the range of other reactive molecules known to cause damage and DNA mutations among the integral cell types. In addition, it corrects existing damage by stimulating the creation of essential proteins and fibers and accelerating cell turnover. The result – a strengthened support structure on the inside and a more youthful, firm, radiant appearance on the outside. Vitamin C is an essential topical ingredient in any skin care routine for all skin types. I like SkinCeuticals and PCA Skin's vitamin C serums. I feel they have strengthened my resistance to breakouts, improved my sun protection, and soothes the redness and broken capillaries I experience from mild rosacea.

PCA Rejuvenating Serum
Rejuvenating Serum is PCA's ultimate anti-aging serum. It uses epidermal growth factor (EGF) technology to stimulate healthy cell growth. A blend of botanicals and potent antioxidants prevents cellular water loss, helping to keep skin firm, smooth, and protected from damaging free radicals. This is my favorite PCA product. It smells great, it feels amazing on your skin, and I think it just gives me a healthier glow and even skin tone.

PCA Brightening Therapy
Brightening Therapy is a newer product for PCA that I have just begun to try out. Discolorations in our skin (hyperpigmentation) are actually caused by several chemicals that signal our cells to produce melanin (brown pigment). This product interrupts those chemicals on several levels to stop the discoloration. I am using this because I have a large area of Melasma (hormonally triggered pigment) on my forehead and several smaller areas on my cheeks and nose that I am working to even out.

Perfecting Protection SPF 30
Perfecting Protection is a broad-spectrum SPF moisturizer that works for most skin types. I feel that it is lightweight for an SPF, yet hydrating enough for me even in the winter. It has an added benefit of helping to correct any existing and prevent future pigment concerns.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup
I regularly use the following products from Jane Iredale for even skin tone and amazing coverage of blemishes and redness: Pressed Powder, Circle/Delete Under-Eye Concealer, Amazing Base, Moonglow Golden Bronzer, and Pom Mist. I do not sell Jane Iredale at this time but I love it and recommend it to everyone.

PM Products

PCA Facial Wash
Facial Wash is a gel face wash is great for most skin types. It has lactic and citric acids that are natural to our bodies, so it is gentle and at the same time it begins the exfoliation process. I feel that it effectively removes makeup without over-drying the skin.

PCA Clearskin
Clearskin is an antibacterial cream that has retinol, marigold, lemongrass, and cucumber to help soothe irritation, fight bacteria, and inhibit breakouts. I have normal to oily skin with moderate acne problems. This cream is lightweight and great at preventing blemishes without irritating the skin.

PCA Silkcoat Balm
Silkcoat Balm is actually a nighttime moisturizer for dry or mature skin that has jojoba oil, which is very close to the oil produced by our own skin. I have oilier skin, but I mix a small amount of this balm with Clearskin or ReBalance, mainly in the winter, for a few reasons. I use a Retin-A cream sometimes that can be drying to the skin. Plus, I just prefer a more hydrating feel to my nighttime moisturizer during colder months. This is great to use in the week following any chemical peel as well.

PCA ReBalance
ReBalance is a light, nighttime moisturizer and an excellent choice for normal to oily skin. It is recommended for use following chemical peels, laser rejuvenation procedures, and microdermabrasion due to its ability to help soothe reddened or irritated skin. I mix this lotion with Clearskin, more in the summer, because I like the feel of the product and it helps soothe the redness I have from mild rosacea.

As Needed Products

PCA Acne Cream
Acne Cream is a 5% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment that effectively delivers oxygen into the pores to help kill the P. acnes bacteria responsible for acne breakouts. In addition, this formulation has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action to speed improvement of acne lesions. I prefer benzoyl peroxide over salicylic acid for spot treating breakouts that have come to the surface.

SkinCeuticals AOX Body Treatment
AOX Body Treatment is an invigorating antioxidant body treatment that protects against damaging environmental aggressors, lightly exfoliates dead skin cells, and deeply moisturizes dehydrated areas for smoother, healthier-looking skin. This is the best body product of all time, in my opinion. I suffer from acne on my back and keratosis pilaris (small, rough bumps) on my upper arms. This product helps heal breakouts, improve scarring, and soften rough skin.

PCA Body Therapy
Body Therapy is designed to dramatically increase moisture levels while also improving skin surface texture. The use of 12% lactic acid enhances the skin's natural moisturizing factor, reduces dead cell buildup, decreases bacteria growth, and inhibits unwanted pigment. Additional brightening and soothing agents help to noticeably improve visible aging, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation affecting the body. I have recently started using this new product. I am a tough critic because of my love for the previous SkinCeutical product. So far, I do feel that Body Therapy is as good, if not better, than AOX.

Additional body moisturizers include Aveda Hand and Foot Relief, SpaRitual Infinitely Loving Oil, and SpaRitual Instinctually Moisturizing Cream.

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