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Skin Care for Face

Relaxing Facial $80
A 60-minute restorative facial incorporating the relaxing elements – facial, scalp, and hand/arm massage – with personalized skin care, perfect for escaping stress while treating all skin types.

Express Specialized Facial $80
A 45-minute facial treatment focusing on corrective skin care that can involve light chemical exfoliation and specialty treatment masks to address various skin types and challenges. (Includes post-procedure product kit—$27 value*).

Signature Specialized Facial $120
This 70-minute service integrates advanced treatments with all of the calming aspects of the Relaxing Facial. My fundamental skin care approach is to incorporate the corrective skin care you might get from a dermatologist with the restorative experience you have at a day spa. You do not have to choose one over the other with this signature facial! (Includes post-procedure product kit—$34 value*).

*When having a series of specialized facials, you will receive your kit at the first service. At subsequent facials, you can choose between taking home an additional kit and receiving 10% off a product order at the time of your service.

Skin Care for Body

Relaxing Back Facial $50
A 45-minute treatment for the back that follows a similar formula as the relaxing facial to help clear acne, alleviate dry skin, or simply aid in relaxation.

Relaxing Body Treatment $100
A 75-minute luxurious treatment using organic, essential oil aromas to balance the mind while exfoliating and hydrating the body from head to toe.

Specialized Body Treatments – Variable Pricing
Corrective skin care treatments, such as chemical peels or specialty masks, for a variety of challenges in areas other than the face, including body acne, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), and callused skin.
Feet or Hands – 30-minute – $30
Legs or Arms – 45-minute – $50
Back or Chest – 45-minute – $60

Other areas by quote



All massages are booked by time, not modality, and will be tailored with any techniques deemed appropriate to your needs, as decided during consultation.

30-minute $40
60-minute $70
90-minute $100



Brow $20
Lip $12
Chin $15
Full Face $50
Half Leg $40
Full Leg $65
Underarm $25-$45
Bikini $35-$65
Back $35-$65

Other areas by quote



Lash $20
Brow $20
Lash & Brow Combined $35